Benton End house and gardens in Hadleigh, Suffolk is the 16th century former home of celebrated artist-plantsman, Sir Cedric Morris and his partner, the artist Arthur Lett-Haines. There they established the East Anglian School of Painting and Drawing – a sanctuary for a diverse range of influential artists, writers, musicians and botanists of the 20th century.

The revival of Benton End

Now under the care of the Garden Museum of London, and with a dedicated Board of Trustees, the house is preparing to open once again as a place to celebrate and learn about art and horticulture.   

Our principal aim will be to “support and inspire” artists and gardeners of all ages and “to encourage freedom of invention, enthusiasm and enjoyment” following in spirit the original ethos of Morris and Lett-Haines. 

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Please Note:  Benton End remains closed to the general public whilst we recruit our team and prepare the house and garden.

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