Cedric Morris

Cedric Morris’ artwork is governed by its vibrancy, expressive brushwork, and a profound bond to nature. Preferring to be known as an ‘Artist Plantsman’, Morris’ paintings are extensions of his lifelong affinity with plants, and he is now recognised as one of the most accomplished painters of the natural world.

He is most widely celebrated for his paintings of flowers, which are often likened to portraits on account of their capacity to capture not only an accurate likeness but also the individual character of each bloom. Often rendered in bright and bold palettes, Morris’ paintings evidence his deft understanding of colour. In addition to his floral works, he also painted portraits and landscapes; his portraits exhibit his keen eye for conveying mood and emotion whilst his landscapes reveal his deep affiliation with rural landscapes. Throughout his career, Morris developed a sumptuous style of working with thick impasto, in which movement and depth are created through undulating surface texture. He remained loyal to this idiosyncratic approach and always preferred to use untinned oil paint, which he could manipulate and push, rather than brush or rub, onto the surface of his painting.

Text & Photo of May-Flowering Irises courtesy of Philip Mould & Co.