The Benton End House and Garden Trust exists through the extraordinary generosity and vision of The Pinchbeck Charitable Trust, who gifted Benton End to the Garden Museum in 2021.

In addition, we would like to thank the following organisations and individuals for their financial support and professional guidance:

Sara and Henry Bedford
J Paul Getty Jr Charitable Trust
The Linbury Trust have funded the Head Gardener role
The Patrons Group of Benton End
Babergh Mid-Suffolk District Councils, Community Development
Grant Hadleigh Town Council

Board of Trustees

Edward McMullan, Chair
Rajat Jindal
Arne Maynard
Philip Mould
Polly Nicholson
Bridget Pinchbeck
Simon Vincent
Matthew Wilkinson


Matthew Hodges, Manager, Benton End House and Garden Trust
James Horner, Head Gardener, Benton End House and Garden Trust